5 Great Reasons to Hire and Interior Designer

There you are…standing in the middle of what should be a Great Room. Except, it’s not. It’s more of an “it’ll do room”, or even a “close the door to that room” room. A frustrating addition to what should be your decompression chamber. It happens to the best of us. We want a space to relax, entertain, contemplate or admire, but seldom know how to create that space.

The solution is simple: hire an interior designer. Before you sputter the words, “that’s for rich people,” let me assure you, interior designers cater to a diverse set of clients, with budgets to match.

If you still need a nudge to get your fingers to do the button clicking on a Google search, here are five great reasons to hire your own interior designer.

#1—Save A Dollar or Two

It may sound counterproductive to hire an interior designer in order to save money, but a professional can help you avoid pricey mistakes.  They also have a network of suppliers that they do business with and will probably find a better deal on big-ticket items than the big box stores.

#2—The Trained Eye

You might think that the kitchen should be covered in red cherry wallpaper, backsplash, countertops and appliances…but a pro can evaluate the space with a trained eye, taking in factors such as natural light, square footage, necessary appliances, conveniences and complementary décor. That first assessment by a designer will pay dividends when your project is completed on time and on budget.

#3 –The Wow Factor

Hey, we get it. We all read the magazines on DIY projects, are bombarded by commercials telling us, “let’s do this”, and we try. But in reality, we can’t pull off the Wow Factor alone. Designers think differently. They see spatially. They can visualize and create spaces that we wouldn’t be able to imagine in a million years. That’s what they do. All day, everyday.And there is no better feeling than witnessing the nosey neighbor, arriving at your open house, dropping her chin to floor and exclaiming, “Oh, Wow!”

#4—Your Own Story

This is your space. Your story. Whether family room, spa-style bathroom, reading nook, or an entire home do-over, a designer can help you tell your story.  Interior design is an art form that takes a lifestyle and creates a reflective habitat.

#5—Your Biggest Asset

Are you selling your home? Regardless of the reasons to sell, upsizing, downsizing, relocation, your home is your biggest asset. To get the most out of the selling process, a designer can fix problems before market that you may not know you even had. A designer can make small spaces look big, old fixtures seem vintage and are able to frame spaces for potential buyers to visualize their use.

A house is the biggest investment most people ever make. For many, it’s thirty years of payments and insurance. But your home is family, shelter, protection and pride. An interior designer is a just another thoughtful investment to consider.